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Universal Windows Platform Innovation

With the Universal Windows Platform, developers can now create a single application for the full range of Windows 10 devices. The platform’s UX controls automatically adapt to different screen sizes, and the developer can then tailor applications to unique capabilities of each device. The platform enables developers to integrate Cortana and Xbox Live into their applications, offer trusted commerce, embrace natural user input, create holograms, and more.

The Universal Windows Platform enables Continuum. Previously, Microsoft demonstrated how Universal Windows apps and the Windows shell transition seamlessly between tablet and PC modes. Today, they show how Universal Windows apps and Continuum for phones enables a screen to become like a PC.


The Universal Windows Platform enables applications to become holograms. Microsoft HoloLens – the world’s first, and only, fully untethered holographic computer powered by Windows 10. HoloLens is helping Trimble and its customers visualize building designs in the context of real world objects and landscapes, giving them the ability to walk around designs while clients view them remotely and see street side how a building is going to look. And medical students at Case Western Reserve University and Cleveland Clinic learn procedures without ever picking up a scalpel!

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