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Visual Studio: Better overview thanks to Rainbow Braces

Visual Studio extension expert Mads Kristensen’s latest creation is Rainbow Braces, used to colorize brace pairs in order to better understand nested code

“Rainbow Braces makes it easier to make sense of nested code. New extension is now available for Visual Studio.” – Mads Kristensen

He took to Twitter to announce Rainbow Braces, which was received with much developer enthusiasm because it “Colorizes matching brace pairs to make it easy to identify them and their scope. Works for curly brackets, parentheses and square brackets.”

As a Principal Program Manager on Microsoft’s Visual Studio development team, Kristensen is now known for nearly 200 of his many extensions that add functionality to the company’s flagship IDE.

VS Code now natively supports bracket pair coloring. According to Kristensen, his idea of ​​a simple bracket coloring was inspired by Tomas Restrepo’s free Viasfora extension, which offers “rainbow brackets” among a few other features. When asked why developers shouldn’t just use this tool, Kristensen replied that numerous people over the years have expressed a wish for a smaller extension that does nothing but rainbow brackets.

The project is hosted on this GitHub page.

Via Visual Studio Magazine and dotnetpro