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Review of Central Search by Windows Phone Central

Central Search Overview

This week on 08/08/2012 “Windows Phone Central” ( has post a review of our app Central Search.

The original post of wpcentral: “Find things with ease using Central Search for Windows Phone”

Today was one of those days when you spot an app in the Marketplace that not only sounds useful but looks real nice too. Central Search incorporates 17 different search options into one nicely presented app…

Many a time I have wanted to search for something in particular and not found what I wanted in the first place I looked. With Central Search you can glide between famous search sites all from within the app – clever. With a built in image viewer you can download images and even share them with friends via social media or messaging.

The user interface is not only made up of a nice color scheme but its fluidness and ease of use impressed me greatly. What I didn’t realize until I was writing this is that the application actually mimics your phones theme and accent color – How cool is that?

Also packed into the app is a integrated web browser, browsing history, customized search settings and the auto-complete.

WP Central

Central Search retails for $0.99 but does come with a free trial which gives you a certain number of searches. At that price it strikes me as pretty good value for money. You can grab it here.

WP Central