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Windows Phone 7 has higher customer satisfaction rates than Android

…the rise of Windows Phone! :-)

The result for the latest Changewave survey from June 2011 confirmed all the other reports we have collected about high customer satisfaction rates amongst Windows Phone 7 users.

The survey shows 57% of Windows Phone 7 users in USA are “very satisfied” with devices running the OS, compared to 50% on Android.  This number is 4 times larger than the 14% “very satisfied” rate of Windows Mobile.

They note however:

“Even so, the higher Windows Phone 7 rating has yet to produce a sustained momentum boost for Microsoft in term of buyer preferences.”

We all of course know Windows Phone 7 still have pretty low sales numbers in the USA, and results such as these suggests the best thing Microsoft could do is get the OS in as many hands as possible and let users make up their own mind.

Surveys such as this should also be presented to sales staff at mobile phone dealers, to convince them from a customer satisfaction point of view Windows Phone 7 is actually more likely to result in a satisfied buyer than the latest Android battery hog, and possible decrease their return rate.

Read the full survey at Changewave here.

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