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Millennial Media: Windows Phone sees strong growth

According to Millenial Media, who collects data from their mobile ad network, Windows Phone 7 is seeing strong growth in recent days, with impressions growing 31% Quarter over Quarter, compared to 18% for iOS and 11% for Android.

Also of note is that there has also been growth month over month, with Windows Phones taking 2% of the market in June 2011, compared to 1% in May 2011.This appears to be at the expense of RIM and iOS, with both Android and Symbian showing some growth.

Of course these are all second order data, and we know Windows Phone 7 is still “very small” but we hope to see a massive boost in the next 6 months with a plethora of new and attractively specced devices expected to be released by OEMs, including a Windows Phone 7 version if the very well-selling Samsung Galaxy S 2.

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